Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator

Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator

If insurance fraud were a business, it would be a Fortune 500 company. An insurance fraud investigation is a type of fraud investigation that centers around attempts to benefit from wrongful claims. Seeking compensation for false or exaggerated claims is illegal, dangerous, and increases the price of insurance for everyone. Siam Spy employs a full-time Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator. Our Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator is a former Insurance Investigator from the USA. Individuals who file fraudulent insurance claims can be found in Thailand. I have personally met a person who told me of his own Insurance Fraud story.

Thailand private investigator insurance fraud, files in a drawer marked fraus

Thailand private investigator insurance fraud.

The insurance fraud was a young surfer traveling in Thailand. We met in Phuket at the beach. He said he had insured his professional camera gear and some other items on a previous trip. Halfway through his 3-month trip, he filed a fraudulent insurance claim. He said he received compensation for his fraudulent claim. It wasn’t the first time either. Many travelers make false insurance claims in Thailand. If you need a professional Insurance Investigator in Thailand contact us. Siam Spy receives numerous requests for a professional Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator.

Insurance fraud is a thriving multi-billion dollar industry, costing the global economy billions of dollars annually. So it’s not just a handful of dishonest consumers damaging a few big insurance companies either. Insurance fraud involves false claims and payments that create global problems. Insurance fraud increases premiums for all consumers in every country in the world. The prevalence of this type of fraud results in insurance companies acting with caution when paying legitimate claims. An insurance fraud investigation can reveal false claims. Siam Spy’s Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator can expose fraudulent health care claims that are not valid or needed. Many people travel to Thailand for medical reasons and file fraudulent claims.

Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator

How does Siam Spy’s Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator operate? There are several tactics and methods we use in an insurance fraud investigation in Thailand. The methods and procedures we use will determine if claims are true or false.

Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator – We Investigate:

  • Health Insurance Fraud
  • Home Insurance Fraud
  • Life Insurance Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Travelers Insurance Fraud
  • Other Insurance Company Fraud

Regardless of how an insurance company detects fraud, humans have to investigate it. Insurance Fraud is more common than you think. When people think of insurance fraud, they think of large insurance fraud. Burning down a building or crashing a car with intent is called hard insurance fraud. Soft insurance fraud is more common. This type of insurance fraud consists of exaggerating the value of a legitimate claim. Siam Spy’s Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator can perform a variety of investigations for civil and criminal investigations.

Our Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator can investigate cases of credit card fraud, and postal fraud when offenses occur through the mail. Siam Spy’s Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator will interview individuals who suspected of making fraudulent insurance claims from Thailand. We research records and transactions and conduct surveillance to collect evidence of fraudulent activity.

Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator Methods and Procedures:

  • Medical reports and medical history search
  • Discreet Surveillance to verify claims
  • Insurance coverage analysis
  • Witness interviews and photo/video evidence
  • Doctor or hospital billing search and analysis

Surveillance and Interaction

Surveillance in insurance fraud is still important in today’s world. Even in modern times of technological advancement, old-school ways can prevail. Surveillance can make sure a claim is verified up by the actions and behavior of the claimant. When an individual claims an injury, then their activities and lifestyle should be consistent with the claim. When it’s not, you most likely have a case of fraud. Proper surveillance can provide compelling evidence of false claims.

Surveillance is often used to investigate workers’ compensation fraud. It is also used to verify medical claims. A stakeout and surveillance is basically exactly what you think it is. I can tell you from experience it can be boring. A Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator watches and waits for someone to appear follows them and observes their behavior and actions. Gathering evidence this way is legal, but tricky. A Thailand Insurance Fraud Investigator knows how to conduct surveillance safely and discreetly. The risks are worth the rewards.

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