Hereby after you are referred to as Client.


SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS and its operatives are hereby authorized to conduct an investigation of the person named in your inquiry. You hereby certify that you have no intent to cause physical harm or cause personal injury or damage to the said party named in your inquiry.


1. The client authorizes SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS to conduct an investigation specifically explained in the case inquiry form. Client agrees to all fees agreed upon for that investigation. As such, the client agrees that SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS is empowered to perform said services for and on behalf of the client, and to do all things necessary, appropriate, or advisable in performing said services for and in the best interests of the client.

2. All SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS contact information including telephone numbers, email, fax, and written information provided to the client is strictly confidential and shall not to be disclosed to anyone.

3. No illegal services will be knowingly provided by SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS. The client certifies that he/she is not knowingly requesting illegal services. SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS reserves the right to decline or terminate without advance notice any assignment it deems to be illegal or unethical or in agency’s sole opinion detrimental to the agency. SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS reserves the right to cancel the investigation without notice if circumstances create an unsafe environment for the operative.

4. No warranties or guarantees: Neither SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS nor its partners or associates make any warranties or guarantees as to the success of the investigation, research or other matters of question. Due to the nature of investigative work, no warranties or guarantees can be given as to the success or quality of the results achieved. The client understands that surveillance and investigations by their nature are limited by time and resources and available information. The information obtained may not be that which is desired or in the favour of the client.

5. Period of Service:
This agreement is valid for the investigation period of 7 days (or other agreed term of service) or until any incriminating evidence is obtained or until such time as it is cancelled by either party by written notice to terminate the agreement. No termination shall prejudice agency rights to collect payment for services completed prior to the termination of this agreement.

6. Responsibility to Cooperate:
The client agrees to timely actions and produces information as is reasonably necessary to carry out the scope of this agreement. The client is not allowed to accompany investigators during an investigation. Unauthorized client participation will result in immediate cancellation and forfeiture of all fees.

7. Access to and protection of Client’s Confidential Information:
SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS acknowledges that in the course of this agreement it shall have access to confidential and proprietary information of the client and agrees not to disclose any information without prior consent. Any information obtained as a result of the investigation will be released to the client or his designated representative and will otherwise remain confidential information.

a. “Confidential information” shall not include such information as is or becomes part of the public domain through no action of SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS. The client is responsible to safeguard the information provided from unauthorized third party disclosure.

b. You hereby certify that you authorize SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS to act on your behalf to gather information and this information is private and confidential and is not authorized to be viewed by anyone except for you SIAMSPY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS management and the operative conducting the investigation.

8. Coverage Areas:
Our normal coverage areas are Bangkok and Pattaya.  Cases in other areas such as Phuket or Chiang Mai, or outer provinces of Thailand are subject to travel and expense fees and are subject to reimbursement by the client.

9. All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you agree to start a case and pay the fee and then change your mind or cancel the investigation for any reason, no fees, deposits, or partial fees paid to us will be refunded. No rescheduling is allowed.


This being our agreement, I hereby authorize this investigation and agree to the terms and conditions listed herein. By checking the confirmation box and submitting this form, I hereby certify and affirm that the information supplied in this inquiry form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge at this time. I further represent and affirm that I am authorized to order and pay for this assignment. I understand that my knowingly supplying false or misleading information may result in my case being rejected and/or terminated. I will forfeit any and all fees that may be paid to agency pertaining to this case if any information is discovered to be false, misleading, or compromising the ethical and/or legal obligations of agency in the sole opinion of the agency.

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