Phuket Private Investigator
Phuket Private Investigator
December 17, 2016
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January 12, 2017

Siam Spy – About Us

Siam Spy is a group of private investigators providing professional investigation services. We started way back in 2001. I was sitting with a friend in a bar on Soi 5 when I heard an English man behind me say… I’m going home tomorrow, I wish I had someone to keep an eye on my girl when I’m gone. So, that’s how it all began. I went home and made the first rendition of Siam Spy.Com and it has evolved over the years. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of service we give. We pride ourselves on top quality service. This is the kind of occupation that allows you to help other people. That is what we love to do most.

Private Investigators – Thailand

The main coverage areas of investigation are Bangkok and Pattaya. Thailand private investigation services in other provinces are also available. We will go anywhere in Thailand and all of South East Asia also. The information we provide to our clients are facts and hard evidence.  Our network of Thailand private investigators include Thai nationals and foreign Expatriates. As a result, all investigators understand the culture and territory. Our Thailand private investigation services cover all areas of  Thailand. Furthermore, services in other regions of Southeast Asia are available. Thailand Private Investigator, Thai Private Eye, Private Detective Pattaya.

Out of Town Investigations

Investigations outside of the normal coverage areas are subject to extra expenses. The client must cover travel and hotel expenses. Expenses are not included in the fee unless stated otherwise. Private Investigator Thailand, Thai Private Investigators, Thailand Private Detective, Pattaya Private Investigator. Private investigations in Thailand can be difficult at times. We do our best to provide quality private investigation services.  Investigators understand the impact an investigation can have, so we guarantee complete confidentiality. Clients can count on complete privacy. Siam Spy’s investigators work from a subjective position. Hence, the investigator assumes all is good until proven otherwise. Private Investigator Thailand, Thai Private Investigator, Pattaya Private Investigator.

Thailand Private Investigators, Thailand Private Detective, Private Detective Pattaya, Thai Private Investigator, Thai Bar Girls, Background Check, Missing Persons Thailand. Siam Spy is a Thailand Private Investigator offering discrete and confidential investigations in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Thailand.