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Cases We Refuse To Handle
April 4, 2016
Thailand Private Investigator, Cheating Husband Investigation Thai Girlfriend Investigations, Thailand Private Investigator, Private Detective Pattaya, Thailand Private Detective, Thai Private Investigators, Thai Bar Girls, Background Check, Missing Persons Thailand
Thailand Private Investigator-Hello Man 2 | Case File
April 10, 2016

Private Investigator Pattaya

Private Investigator Pattaya

Looking for a Private Investigator Pattaya? Then look no further. We are not government officials, police officers, nor law enforcement. We work in the Private Sector. Our chief Pattaya Private Investigator is a former Insurance Investigator. Some of us are Insurance Fraud Investigators. Others have been trained by us to work in Thailand. The trainees are Thai nationals and expats alike. SiamSpy thoroughly screens any inquiry we receive. We will refuse a case if we suspect the client intends to do harm to a subject. We will not participate in any investigation if where the goal is to cause physical harm to the investigated party, or others they may know.  SiamSpy will not accept any case that involves criminal activity, this is a job for the local police, not a private investigator.

We will not accept any case involving political interests, or any government official, law official, or public figure such as celebrities.  SiamSpy is very careful to choose cases that are meant to find the facts in a personal or business situation. So, if you want to harm someone, we won’t help you. We will not help you find any information that will harm another individual.  If you are looking for revenge on someone, don’t ask us to help you, we won’t.

There are many reasons to hire a Private Investigator Pattaya. We are usually able to help in almost any circumstance if it doesn’t involve any criminal activity. Crimes and criminal action is matter for the local police. However, when you have problems with your Thai lady and you think something is wrong, contact us. We can help you discover the truth so you can decide what you want to do.

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Trusted Private Investigator Pattaya

SiamSpy is one of the original Private Investigator Pattaya services. We began service in 2001 and went on the Internet in 2002. Since then we have handled thousands of cases combined. In recent years we have had a large increase in cases involving western women. Their husbands are in Thailand frolicking around with go-go bar girls and Thai prostitutes.  So, if you are a woman from a western country and you have been made aware what goes on in Thailand, contact us. Your husband, boyfriend, or fiancée may be having an affair with a Thai woman or a Thai bar girl or prostitute.  We see many married with bar girls and prostitutes in bars. They don’t bother to remove their wedding ring.  If you suspect your husband may be doing something like this, contact us now.  We will get the facts for you.

You always pick the one right tool for the job. Your friend, brother, cousin, or Uncle can’t do the job right. They do not have the required skills and commitment required by a Private Investigator Pattaya. It is a specialized field with specific requirements. A knowledge of the language and culture is essential. A professional Private Investigator Pattaya is the only choice. Our core investigators are trained professional investigators with numerous years of experience. This core includes Thai nationals and foreign expats.

Private Investigator Pattaya – Cases We Accept:

  • Foreign men (Westerners) cheating on their wives or girlfriends
  • Thai girlfriends living in Thailand and cheating on their western boyfriends
  • Business and corporate background checks
  • Security services including personal bodyguard and protection services
  • Missing persons in Thailand
  • Vietnam-Thailand People Finder Services
  • DNA Screening. Paternity Testing
  • Thailand Insurance Fraud

Private Investigator Pattaya – Cases Refused:

  • Obtaining phone records or pre-paid phone records.
  • Obtaining passwords, or bank account information.
  • Political interests.
  • Intellectual Property cases.
  • Blackmail. – Not acceptable.
  • Bugging devices inside a personal house or business.
  • Phone tapping or phone bugging.
  • Organized crime, or other criminal related activities.

The Thai Bar Girl Trap

This is the trap foreign men fall into when they come to Thailand. It is very easy to find a young pretty girl here. The bars are full of them. Most men are aware that paying money for sex is prostitution. This is forgotten when they arrive in Thailand. They somehow overlook the fact they are considering falling in love with a prostitute. The idea is she will quit if he starts taking care of her by sending money to her from abroad. The idea is she stops working in the bar and stops having sex for money. The naive foreign man will believe this. While it is true some girls will stop, the majority don’t. This is where the problems start. The foreign man believes he has helped the girl, and he has. But the unknown fact is she probably still works at the bar.

Because she can bring in more money for the family, this is what most girls do. So, the foreign man is often unaware of this. That is when they decide to contact a Thailand Private Detective to request a Thai Girlfriend Investigation. Most men who contact SiamSpy are looking for a Thai Girlfriend Investigation because they are worried about strange happenings with their Thai Girlfriend. For example, phone turned off, loud music in the background, other men’s voices heard on the phone. These are the general concerns when a Thai Girlfriend Investigation is requested.

Mainstream Thai Girlfriends vs. Thai Bar Girls

Proper Thai ladies (those who aren’t prostitutes or scammers) are much less to worry about. Most who have a relationship with a foreigner are fairly open and honest, and have good intentions. When I say proper Thai ladies, I mean those who have reputable jobs and a college education. Likewise, Proper Thai ladies in Thailand are more conservative. Most are good people and innocent and would never think of scamming you or ripping you off. These are the Thai women you want to meet if you are looking for a relationship with a Thai woman. On the other hand, relationships with  Thai Bar Girls is a different story. A story with a sand ending most of the time. Avoid at all costs.

You’ve probably read stories of foreign men being ripped off by Thai ladies. In 99% of those cases the relationship involved a foreign man and a Thai Bar Girl Prostitute. Proper Thai ladies usually have a good job and their own money. They come from good families and aren’t on The Game like Thai Bar Girls. Proper Thai ladies are a much better choice for a relationship. They bring something to the table and have manners and intelligence. A proper Thai lady isn’t going to tell you stories like Buffalo broke leg, Papa sick in hospital. In my experience, Thai women are wonderful people, kind, gentle, and loyal.

Ethics and Standards – Private Investigator Pattaya

SiamSpy carefully screens any inquiry we receive. Many times we will refuse a case if we suspect the client intends to do harm to a subject.  SiamSpy does not take part in revenge. This includes the investigated party, or others they may know. SiamSpy will not accept any case that involves criminal activity. Criminal cases are a job for the local police, not a Thailand Private Detective. We will not accept any case involving political interests. Not only are government officials off limits, but also law officials, and celebrities. SiamSpy is careful to choose cases meant to find the facts. Contact us now for a free no obligation consultation. No payment or fee is required for a consultation.