Chiang Mai private investigator. Looking for a Chiang Mai private investigator? Then look no further. We are a full-service Thailand Private Investigator agency with a nineteen-year track record of delivering first-class investigative results in Thailand and for clients worldwide. From investigating a Thai girlfriend to catching a cheating husband in Thailand, we have the experience and resources to handle any assignment. We have helped thousands of people get answers while keeping their privacy safe. Also, we keep your privacy secure while delivering the results you need.

We have highly trained investigators who possess professional investigation skills. Our Thailand Private Investigators come from diverse backgrounds of expertise. That diversity contributes to our overall effectiveness as private investigators. Combining our extensive history, we have over seventy-five years of experience. Half of that time was spent as law enforcement officers and insurance fraud investigators.

“I’ve seen honest faces before. They usually come attached to liars.”

My husband is going to Thailand

Whenever we hear a woman say my husband is going to Thailand, we usually know where we will be going. 50% of the time, Pattaya or Phuket. The other place we go to is Chiang Mai. He may arrive in Bangkok, but chances are he will go to one of these three places. All three are popular destinations.

Many women are worried their husband is having sex with Thai bar girls and prostitutes while in Thailand. We see it every day, and it is a hazardous activity. Firstly, this careless behavior has serious health risks. Secondly, STD’s are a severe problem in Thailand. Many of the cases involve women who are living in Thailand with ex-pat husbands employed here. The numerous sex establishments are often the destination of a husband after work.

Thai bar girls, an investigator observing in a bar

Thai bar girls.

Chiang Mai private investigator

Street-wise intelligence, coupled with patience, and years of experience, are our strengths. With numerous years of observing human behavior, we genuinely know how to get the results you are counting on. We have conducted hundreds of diverse cases and look forward to assisting you with yours. Hiring a Thailand Private Investigator is a serious matter. So, take the time to browse through our site because it contains specific information to help you. It will help you decide whether our service is right for you.

Experienced in Thailand

We are one of the first Chiang Mai private investigator services in the country. We began service in 1999 and went on the Internet in 2001. Since then, we have handled thousands of cases combined. In recent years we have had a significant increase in incidents involving Western women. Their husbands are in Thailand running around with go-go bar girls and Thai prostitutes.  So, if you are a woman from a Western country and you have been made aware of what goes on in Thailand, contact us. Similarly, if you have a Thai wife or girlfriend who is possibly having an affair, a Chiang Mai private investigator can help you.

Chiang Mai private investigator

The four main requests for investigations are;

  1. Investigate a Thai girlfriend.
  2. Investigate a cheating husband, in Thailand.
  3. Thai wife investigations.
  4. Investigate a mainstream Thai woman. (not a Thai bar girl or prostitute)

Service areas

The standard services areas of investigation are Bangkok and Pattaya. Also, we provide Thailand Private Detective services in all other provinces. We go anywhere and everywhere in Thailand, and all of South East Asia too. Services in different regions of Southeast Asia are available through our partner network. Thailand Private Investigators, SiamSpy Investigations, and Indonesia Private Investigators.

Service area map showing locations

Service area map.

Out-of-town investigations

When we quote a price, it usually includes all expenses. However, some more complicated cases could require additional fees. For example, assignments in the rural areas of Thailand. However, rates and fees will be discussed with the client beforehand. But, in general, the quoted price includes all costs. Our team of Thailand private investigators can investigate your Thai girlfriend in Chiang Mai. We can also observe your cheating husband in Pattaya. It doesn’t matter where they are. We will go there to get the evidence you need. Contact us right now to learn more about us and our services. We will reply within twenty-four hours. We can conduct a thorough investigation while ensuring your privacy.

Acceptable cases:

  • Discreet private investigation of your husband.
  • We can investigate your Thai girlfriend, fiancee, or wife.
  • Corporate or business background checks are available in all regions.
  • We can locate missing people, missing children, parents, or relatives.
  • Private security and bodyguard services are available.
  • We can locate a missing Thai girlfriend, Thai wife, or fiancee.

Cases refused:

  • Obtaining phone records or pre-paid phone records.
  • We do not hack passwords or online bank account information.
  • Political interests.
  • Intellectual Property cases.
  • Blackmail. – Not acceptable.
  • Surveillance equipment or listening devices inside a personal residence or business.
  • We don’t do phone tapping or phone bugging.
  • Criminal activity or organized crime.

Thai bar girl scams

Thai bar girls scams are the trap foreign men fall into when they come to Thailand. It is effortless to find a pretty young girl here. The bars are full of them. Of course, most men are aware that paying money for sex is prostitution. When they arrive in Thailand, they forget this. For example, they overlook the fact they are considering falling in love with a prostitute. The idea is she will quit if he starts taking care of her by sending money to her from abroad. So, the naive foreign man will believe this. While it is true some girls will quit, the majority don’t. Then the problems start. The foreign man believes he has helped the girl, and he has. But the unknown fact is she probably still works at the bar. A Phuket private investigator can help you.

Get peace of mind

Hey, we get it. Peace of mind is the bottom line, while privacy is a top priority. It is the reason people contact us; they want to know the truth. There is nothing worse than not knowing the truth. Dark secrets hiding in the shadows isn’t fun for anyone. While it eats away at your peace of mind, it causes endless stress and worries. So, we understand your dilemma. When we take a case, we know what the end game is. It is to give the client peace of mind while resolving the situation with the truth.

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    Prices and fees

    While the quoted price generally includes all costs, some complicated cases may require extra expenses. These additional expenses are minimal but necessary for out-of-town investigations. For example, hotel and fuel costs. If any other charges are required, then the client will be told beforehand. But, in general, the quoted rate includes all costs and fees. In other words, there are no hidden costs.

    Your Private Thailand Investigator

    Think of us as your personal Thailand Private Investigator. Contact us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are always open to serving you. So, we look forward to hearing from you. Our record of successful results sets us apart from any other Thailand Private Investigator agency. We also take pride in producing the results for which you are paying. We reveal the truth, AND we get the proof! All the while, your privacy is assured. For more information about Siam Spy and our services, read our FAQ page. Or check out our blog for Thailand private investigator stories.